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The data portal contains all relevant statistical information about fashion retail in Austria and serves as an excellent tool for general management, marketing, controlling and store management professionals. The four user-friendly areas Retail, Economy, Consumers and Analyses offer up-to-date statistics and findings available for immediate download. Full access to the portal is possible only with an annual subscription, yet some few documents are accessible for free.

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Data about fashion retail, market sizes, sales channels, key performance indicators of market players.

The data ranges from turnovers per square meter to market size forecasts, sales channels quantification, as well as geocoordinates of more than 5,000 apparel stores.

Overview of economic development, demography, tourism, trade, purchasing power and consumer spending.

The data ranges from long-term demographic forecasts to online sales data, purchasing power forecasts, as well as sales area densities and shopping center structure.

Data about population structure, distribution of residents and tourists across the country, consumer patterns and regional market potentials.

The data comprises consumer spending forecasts for various product categories, online share dynamics, regional prosperity levels and consumer demographics.

Estimates and evaluations based on the existing data, trend analysis, international comparisons and management summaries.

The analyses focus on regional market leaders, regional sales area densities, turnovers of major market players, as well as comparisons across European countries and companies.

We research, analyze and calculate data according to individual needs of subscribers without any additional costs.

Our subscribers can use the service to order maps with store locations, calculations of specific market potentials, as well as partial market studies.



Bekleidungsgeschäfte in Österreich 2017


Ausgaben für Bekleidung pro Einwohner 2017


nominelle Steigerung des Gesamtmarktes 2017


expandierende Vertriebslinien im Bekleidungshandel 2017

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